Press Coverage

Babe Howell can be reached for press inquiries at Below is some of the press coverage that this report has received.

The Intercept: The Largest Gang Raid In NYC History Swept Up Dozens Of Young People Who Weren’t In Gangs (April 25, 2019) [READ HERE]

The documentary below is part of the article by The Intercept.

The Intercept and CUNY School of Law hosted a live discussion on the use of gang prosecutions in the mass criminalization of communities of color. Speakers included Babe Howell and Priscilla Bustamante, authors of this report, and Kraig Lewis, one of the 120 people swept up in the largest "gang takedown" in New York City history. The program starts 24 min. 45 seconds into the video below. (April 25, 2019)

AM New York: Dubious Gang Arrests Of 2016 – Report By CUNY Law Professor Shows What Happens When We Try To Arrest Our Way Toward Safety (April 25, 2019) [READ HERE]

Gothamist: NYC's Gang Raids Are About Vengeance, Not Justice (April 26, 2019) [READ HERE]

FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting): Dozens Condemned by Media as ‘Gang Members’ Not Actually Gang Members, Study Confirms (April 26, 2019) [READ HERE]

The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC: What Happened in the “Bronx 120” Raid (April 29, 2019) [LINK TO AUDIO SOURCE]


Gotham Gazette: Mass Gang Takedowns Are Not ‘Doing Justice’ (May 3, 2019) [READ HERE]



The Appeal Podcast: Reframing the Bronx 120 Raid (May 23, 2019) [LINK TO PODCAST]



The Appeal: Spotlight – The Dangers of Gang Databases and Gang Policing (July 3, 2019) [READ HERE]



Law and Disorder Radio: Bronx 120 Report Questions Largest Gang Take Down (July 22, 2019) [LINK TO AUDIO SOURCE]