The Data

We recommend interacting with the data below on a desktop computer, which will allow you to filter, group, and sort records and apply summary statistics at the bottom of each column. Be aware: any filters, sorting criteria, grouping, or summary statistics that you apply will reset if you refresh the page. To work with the data offline in a spreadsheet program of your choice, click “Download CSV” in the bottom-right corner. In most column headers, you will see an “i” icon that you can mouse-over for a description of the field.

Out of respect for the individuals affected, the data has been partially anonymized so their name will not appear in Google results. Each record can still be identified through the indictment number and initials for any researchers that need to analyze the data at its source: Burrell indictment & Parish indictment.

Additionally, here is a zipped file containing Freedom of Information Law responses from the NYPD (turned over after this Article 78 petition) that Prof. Babe Howell relied on for earlier research.